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Welcome to SEADEV Studios

Founded in 2016 with the goal to create high quality software that puts its users in the center to provide value and joy to our customers across the globe, while at the same time pushing the capabilities of current technologies and utilising the latest standards and cutting-edge tech that is available.

We are proud to develop applications on many major platforms for several industries – let it be in the hospitality, fitness or yacht sector. With our customers valuing that they have a strong and reliable partner, that knows how to bring any of their ideas and visions to the market and help them grow their businesses.

  • Cross-Plattform, PWA, iOS and Android, Embedded

  • Streaming, OS development, Encoders, Decoders, Hardware

  • Web Platforms, Hyper-scalers, private Cloud, DevOps


Explore our reference catalog.

Discover More References
Discover More References
  • Luxury media- and control system that is lightyears ahead

  • The modern Feedback- and Engagement-Platform

  • A modern, custom-built fitness app

  • Unique experience with custom built software and hardware

  • The intelligent way of coordinating electric vehicle charging

  • The only global certification program for electric vehicle manufacturers and mechanics

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We are strong believers in FOSS and knowledge sharing. This is the reason why we try to share our experience in this company blog.
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Read More From The Blog

New Website

Finally our new website is ready for prime time. A brand new look and way more information about our competences, projects and partners. In order to share more of our experience with you we'll also start to regularly post exciting

  • Finally our new website is ready for prime time. A […]

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